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Insightful mobility.

Stoomlink (pronounced s-too-mlink [ˈstuːmlɪŋk] 😉) is a Belgian tech startup whose ambition is to foster the transition to a more sustainable mobility thanks to its innovative digital products.

Stoomlink provides reliable and actionable insight-driven solutions for the mobility ecosystem with the goal to help companies, public operators and local authorities succeed in reinventing their mobility.

We do so by providing them with the right tools to analyse their current offer, shape their strategies for tomorrow and spread their love for a greener mobility 💚.

Stoomlink is a subsidiary company of VIAS, Stratec & nextmoov’s cutting-edge experience and savoir-faire in mobility & digital products development.

Latest news.


SmartPredict is a unique algorithm that gathers and processes the public transportation and shared mobility data to provide you, in realtime, with the latest overview of the sustainable mobility network... And wait for it - to predict its evolution ! Just pick one of our lovely products to find out how we will spread the love for you. 👇🏻

Stoomlink products.

Wishing to trigger the modal shift inside your company by offering your employees tailor-made alternatives ?

is the tool you need to adapt your mobility policy against reliable and actionable insights.

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Looking for an alternative to cars ? Here comes a breeze of freshness in your everyday journey.

puts alternative mobility at the heart of news with realtime information.

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Wanna treat your employees, citizens and fellow visitors with cutting-edge information about sustainable mobility, next departures, shared mobility,... ? Maybe a network disruption out there ?

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Meet our team.

Thomas Hermine Board Member

François Halin Chief Operating Officer

Mathieu Delvaux Chief Creative Officer

Ivan Lecerf Business Developer

Anthony Lemmens Senior Backend Architect

Mathieu Ferraris Lead Frontend Engineer


Our DNA.

  • 001. We are rooted in the mobility of tomorrow

    There is a little secret yo should know: our founders don't have their driving license. Period. And our team uses public transit and alternative transports every day, so the experience is as real as it can get. Oh and also, we are big fans of public transports goodies and our team building happen in trams.

    Mobility-geek you said?

  • 002. Openness & Inclusion

    Our collaborators have access to core data about the company. Income? Turnover? Plans? We start by sharing everything with the team, instead of the other way round.

    At the same time we strive to move the lines of rigid and segregated hierarchy, we also want to be part of a new culture that aims to empower women and close the gender gap by creating a respectful and inclusive culture where women can feel safe and supported at work.

    You’re welcome to take those steps with us.✌🏻

  • 003. Efficiency at the ❤️ of our work

    A lot of people judge their work by the quantity instead of the quality. We don't. We aim to work as smart as possible and be as efficient as possible. We hate losing time, in commute, in useless meetings, in endless boring 9-to-5 weekdays.

    Our goal: creating the most efficient teams in the world.

Work with us.

Join a team that revolutionizes a worldwide industry. We work on shaping the mobility of tomorrow and changing how millions of people move around. Making a difference in other people's lives is the outcome of the outstanding innovation we create. Let's move — the world — forward together.

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